Experienced native iOS developer and architect with a strong background in web technologies. Served as the mobile architect for fortune 500 companies including VALIC, AIG, Schlumberger Baker Hughes, and The Home Depot.


University of Houston, Houston, TX — Bachelors in Computer Science, 2005


Programming Languages: C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, XML, Objective-C, Ruby, Java, Swift

Platforms: iOS, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, PRISM, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Winforms, jQuery, AJAX, Android, WatchKit, tvOS, Ionic, Angular, ARKit, Server Side Swift, ReactJS, Node, ExpressJS

Databases: SQL SERVER, Access, Sqlite, ORACLE, MongoDb, PostgreSQL

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS

Applications and Utilities: Visual Studio, Xcode, NUnit, SpecFlow, Cucumber, NCover, DotTrace, Re-flector, NUnit, MBUnit, TextEdit, RubyMine, OCUnit, Kiwi

Awards and Publications

Speaking and Podcast Appearances

  • Taming the Massive Controllers @AltConference, @IndieDevStock, @NSCoderMexico
  • Simplifying Life Using iMessages Applications @ IndieDevStock 2016, @360iDevMin 
  • Introduction to ARKit for iOS @HoustoniPhoneMeetup
  • Creator and cohost of Cocos2d Podcast
  •  The App Store with AzamSharp on iPhreaks Show
  • Springboard Show
  • iBeacons in Real Life on iPhreaks Show


The iron yard

iOS, web and backend instructor, Houston, tx — 05/16 - present

  • Served as a mentor and educator, teaching 16 weeks immersive iOS, frontend and backend bootcamp training. 
  • Developed high quality video courses on topics such as ReactJS, Java, HTML and CSS and NodeJS.
  • Implemented and taught iOS curriculum, focusing on the cutting edge technologies including Augmented Reality and Reactive Cocoa.
  • Provided technical and career guidance to help students enrich their lives with the passion of software development.

mobile architect, Houston, tx — 08/14 - present

  • Served as the mobile architect in the design and development of The Home Depot custom blinds mobile website.
  • Provided guidance for the responsive mobile design for, the leading online retailer of window products and accessories.
  • Implemented features and provided updates for native iOS and Android app, Window Shopper. Window Shopper app allows the users to visualize their blinds on their mobile device and order samples. 
  • Provided enhancements to the Autobahn framework, a highly customizable product management framework which serves as the core of the and websites. 
  • Developed iBeacon enabled iOS application allowing the visitors to easy navigate within the complex and understand the history and origin of the different artifacts.  




Lead iOS Developer, City of Houston, Houston, TX 5/14 - 6/14

  • Implemented an iOS integration client for Team Foundation Server, capable of retrieving the daily progress on work items stored in the TFS system.
  • Utilized OAuth authentication to communicate securely between the iOS app and the TFS system. 
  • Displayed the progress of the TFS work items and bugs using iOS chart controls.

Lead iOS, Android and Sencha Developer, Schlumberger, Houston, TX, 1/14 - 3/14

  • Provided guidance and migration path for the eJourney application which is used by Sclumberger users throughout the world.
  • Utilized the AFNetworking library to implement a SOAP client used to communicate                             with .NET ASMX web services.
  • Implemented a secure gateway session sharing module to seamlessly transition between different network environments.
  • Implemented an iOS and Android compatibility module to assure device, operating system and application version compatibility.

.NET and iOS Lead Developer, AIG, Houston, TX 07/13 – 12/13

  • Responsible for the migration of the legacy C++ quotes calculation engine to .NET environment.
  • Performed migration of the iOS 3.2 Rapid Rater app code base to the ARC compatible iOS 6 SDK. • Provided guidance and recommendations on the future iOS 7 versions of the Rapid Rater app.
  • Converted the Rapid Rater quotes app to a universal app which can be run on the iPad.
  • Provided guidance to the AIG team on publishing the app on the app store.
  • Implemented features and updates for the Android version of the Rapid Rater app
  • Converted the Rapid Rater quotes app to a universal app which can be run on the iPad.



Senior CONSULTANT III — 6/12 - 6/13

Lead iOS Developer VALIC, Houston, TX

  • Responsible for the design and architecture for the VALIC iPad application.
  • Implemented the core HTTP client using AFNetworking library used for consuming .NET WCF services. 
  • Designed and implemented a theme engine based on UIAppearance API for maintaining a consistent look and feel across the application.
  • Developed a rules engine for validating iOS forms.
  • Utilized third party libraries including XYPieChart and iOSPlot to create interactive charts.
  • Implemented and developed reusable user controls including ComboBox, Checkboxes, Radio-Buttons etc
  • Utilized iOS 6 auto layouts to create resizable interfaces for different iPad screen devices and orientations




Senior .NET Developer, Omron, Houston, TX

  • Implemented .NET 4.0 C# application to automate the generation of the Excel spreadsheets. 
  • Utilized COM API to create and configure Excel worksheets.

•  Developed MS Project Reader to extract hierarchical projects out of MS Project files.

•  Imported MS Projects into the SQL Server database using Entity Framework 4.

Lead iOS Developer, Baker Hughes, Houston, TX

  • Implemented Native iOS Application using Objective-C and iOS SDK 4.3.
  • Enabled the application to receive push notifications from Apple Push Notification Services.
  • Developed a .NET module using Moon-APNS to send push notification messages to the             Apple Push Notification Service
  • Consumed .NET web service using synchronous and asynchronous requests sentby using AFNet-working library.
  • Utilized PullToRefresh library to allow the users to refresh the contents of the view by pulling the UITableView control
  • Implemented the settings module allowing the users to persist their credentials on the iPhone settings.
  • Designed and developed the in app tutorial screen using image overlays and core animation.
  • Utilized MBProgressHUD library to create loading screens for multiple views for theapplication.
  • Developed a splash screen using iOS core animation.


online instructor and educator Instructor

  • Developed iMessages training course for one of the world’s largest online video trainingcompanies in the world. 

AzamSharp YouTube Channel

  • Founder of AzamSharp YouTube channel, which hosts more than 300 screencasts on topics such as ARKit, iOS, Javascript, Android, ReactJS, C# and many more 
  • AzamSharp channel has surpassed 5000 subscribers and with over 1 million lifetime views. 

Udemy Instructor

One of the Top Udemy Instructors with over 7000 students worldwide.