Emerging iOS Developers

I am finishing up week 6 of the iOS cohort at The Iron Yard Houston. I have been fortunate to have a group of extremely creative and talented students who are eager and passionate to learn iOS.  

I want to share some of my brightest students and products of their imaginations. 


Lists is a TODO list app created by Ryan Cortez. Lists allows you to manage your tasks by categorizing it into .. Lists. The easy to use interface and the ability to add multiple tasks to the list at one time makes Lists an awesome app. Lists is available on the App Store. 


Events App allows you to schedule events and sync them with your calendar. The easy to use interface and wizard like flow of the app makes it a unique events scheduling application. Events is created by Ryan Cortez. Events will be available on the App Store very soon. 


Matt Milner is the scientist behind the beautiful looking Planets application. The Planets application gives users useful information regarding each planet in our solar system. The app also exhibits the subtle yet effective animation effects which makes the solar system more realistic. 

Grocery App:

Toleen Jaradat is the developer behind the Grocery App. The grocery app allows the user to keep track of their lists and the related items in the list. Toleen used Core Data for persistent storage in her application. 

Looking back at my students I feel very proud of their accomplishments and I am eager and excited to see the applications they create in the future.