WWDC 2016 Predictions

WWDC 2016 is just around the corner and the most fun thing you can do is to predict what will be revealed. Here are my predictions: 

  1. A Siri API will be released, allowing apps to communicate with the lady inside the phone.  
  2. I have been lucky enough to play around with Metaio SDK before Apple acquired it. Metaio provided easy to use APIs to easily create Augmented Reality applications. I am hoping that Apple will release a new Augmented and Virtual reality API based at WWDC 2016. 
  3. Apple has filed some patents on the virtual reality eye wear. I am predicting that Apple might announce a new device just like Google cardboard and Viewmaster which will allow users to have AR and VR experiences. 
  4. Devices like Amazon Echo has been gaining some traction. Google also announced Google Home at Google IO 2016. I am predicting that Apple will also step into this game with a new device powered by Siri. 
  5. Swift 3.0 will be announced.