Why Teaching?

Few days ago I was interviewing a potential student for the Mobile Engineering course at The Iron Yard. During our discussion the student asked me a very interesting question. He asked that why I decided to leave my cooperate job environment and become a teacher at The Iron Yard.

Here is my reply. 

I have been teaching in one form or the other for more than 16 years. I remember teaching my fellow classmates Physics and Calculus in high school. During my undergraduate years at University of Houston I started taking part in Microsoft forums and writing articles for CodeProject website. My first article about "Boxing and Unboxing in C# was widely received by the audience which gave me the motivation to move forward. During that time I also launched the website GridViewGuy which became extremely popular among .NET developers. GridViewGuy is now known as HighOnCoding. All in all I was spending 60-80 hours a week during college, learning new things, writing articles for websites including GridViewGuy, CodeProject, CoderSource.NET and ASPAlliance and also taking part in ASP.NET Forums

All this work finally paid off when I graduated and immediately got multiple offers from several different companies who heard about me through my websites. Later in 2006 I did my first public speaking for Houston .NET User Group. More than 100+ people showed by to listen to me talk about "Linq to SQL". After that speaking became fun for me and I spoke at Houston North .NET User Group, Houston TechFest, 360iDEV, 360iDEVMini etc. 

I also started a YouTube channel where I started teaching iOS development. Currently, the channel has more than 5000 subscribers. Few years ago I received an email from a YouTube subscriber, who told me that he is a teenager with autism and watches my channel to learn game development. This experience reminded me why I do what I do. 

I have always believed teaching to be a very noble profession. Your work as a teacher can literally change someone's else life in a better way. Apart from my parents I believe there are few teachers in my life who are responsible for where I am today and If I can become one of them then it will be priceless.