Life after Parse!

Last week the iOS community mourned the loss of our beloved backend service, Parse. Parse was acquired by Facebook in 2013. At that time the acquisition sounded reasonable and developers saw it as a blessing as they knew that Parse needed a backing of a big company to survive. Unfortunately, even the Gods of Facebook could not save Parse from fading away. 

The whole Parse shutdown experience once again sparks the discussion on third party dependencies. From some people's point of view Parse is not directly connected to the business of Facebook and Parse does not provide financial motive to be continued by Facebook.

I agree with those people but It is also quite entertaining to watch that these reasons were never mentioned before the shutdown of the service. In the end Parse will shutdown and hundreds of thousands of developers who relied on it will scramble to find shelter for their backend. 

It seems that for a developer these third party services are no more than a mirage. They invite you with their neat API, thorough documentation and excellent support but once you reach closer to your destination, they vanish away. 

Some might argue that instead of depending on the non Apple services like Parse and Firebase developers should always use services part of the Apple echo system. Unfortunately, Apple is no exception to these casualties. Apple recently announced that they will be killing their advertisement service, iAds.

With that headline in mind would you consider implementing your backend service using CloudKit? Is the safest route to build the backend service yourself? How do you feel now about choosing a non Apple framework to build your iOS applications?