Camouflage Messaging - Send Messages Secretly

Recently I attended and presented a session at 360iDevMin conference in Greenville, SC. There were lot of great speakers but one that really stood out for me was Alicia Carr. Alicia talked about how she got started in iOS development and her journey of becoming an iOS developer. She also created an app for women to report abuse, which was featured in the Apple commercial

After my talk on iMessages, she discussed an idea with me which revolved around utilizing the power of iMessages to send secret messages. This app can be used by anyone trying to send a message without showing the contents of the message in the conversation. This means that the person in an abusive relationship can ask for help through text messages without the fear of showing the actual content of the message. 

This gave birth to “Camouflage Messaging”. Camouflage allows the users to send secret messages without showing the content of the message in the active conversation. Once, the message has been sent the sender will never be able to view the secret message, only the receiver can view the message by just taping on the Emoji, which they received. 

This allows a very secret and candid communication between the sender and the receiver. Here are few screenshots of the Camouflage app. 

Camouflage Messaging App Screenshots

I also created a YouTube video where I talk about the app and discuss the features of the app. 


The possibilities of this app are limitless! Apart from the scenario I described above, this app can be used by people to protect their messages from their parents OR even a psycho spouse. 

Camouflage Messages is available on the App Store for $1.99