Evaluating Ionic Framework!

For the last couple of days I have been evaluating the Ionic Framework. Here are my thoughts: 

1) Clean Look: 

Ionic Framework looks very clean and slick. The developers behind Ionic has certainly spent the time in making sure that the Ionic look matches the iOS flat layout and also material display for Android. 

2) Documentation is Limited: 

The documentation on Ionic website is quite limited and most of the examples do not have any screenshots. Documentation is the life and blood of these small JS frameworks. The time investment in the framework becomes useless if no one knows how to use it. 

3) Community is Small: 

Ionic community is not that large so if you are stuck with a problem then you will find hard to get some help. Since, it is a quite new framework it is understandable that the community is relatively small. 

4) Steep Learning Curve: 

Ionic has a steep learning curve which becomes steeper with poor documentation. An example would be the tag <ion-nav-view> which is an integral part of the framework but it is only mentioned very briefly through the documentation. 

5) Performance is decent

The performance of the pages created in Ionic is pretty decent but they are no way near the native implementations. You can clearly notice the lag in some of the controls like modal etc. But on the other hand it is far better than any other mobile website framework. 

6) Failing Silently:

This reminds of the Sencha framework which also failed silently. Sometimes your code will not work and you will never know what happened. I believe Ionic near better routes validation and better core framework to warn users of the potential problems in their code instead of silently failing.   

7) Angular Support

Since, Ionic utilizes the AngularJS framework it has to keep up with all the changes. I believe the current version of AngularJS used in Ionic is 1.3.13 while the current version of Angular is 2.X. 

In the world of mobile website frameworks Ionic is among the best and definitely worth checking out if you are building mobile web applications. For me I will continue my search!