Houston Hackathon Recap 2015

The city of Houston hosted its largest Hackathon on May 16 - 17 2015. The idea of the hackathon is to build something exciting, practical and useful in just 24 hours. People from many different skill sets attending the hackathon ranging from developers, artists, public service, Houston Police Department. 

I was fortunate enough to attend the hackathon and represent "Blinds.com".

Before starting the hackathon everyone was given an opportunity to pitch their project. I already had project in mind but was also interested in finding out if I can help anyone else. Houston Police Department project caught my attention which required a mobile app for different inquiries. 

I connected with the officer who introduced me to the project and then I started on the implementation of the iPhone app.

The project was completed on before time and you can view it on ChallengePost. 


I also worked on another project which involved iBeacons. I pitched this project for the Houston Museum district and how they can improve the interactions inside the museum using iBeacons.  

You can also check out the video of this project using the link below: http://challengepost.com/software/houston-museum-ibeacon-enabled-tour-iphone-application

After the final submission each team was given 3 minutes to present the project. After judges reviewed all the submissions and the presentations they announced the 3 best and the most practical projects. 

I am very proud to announce that our Houston Police Department App was one of the 3 winners. 

All in all it was great fun and very well organized. A big thanks go out to Jeff Reichman and his fellow organizers for making this event possible.

See ya next year!