How I Gained 5X more Downloads for my App Using Twitter Ads

In the past I have used many different mediums of advertising for my app "Vegetable Tree - Gardening Guide". This included Skippy's Vegetable Garden, Garden Betty and Veggie Gardening Tips. I had mixed result with all the above options but I was never satisfied with the result. 

After reading an inspiring and informative post from Ryan Nystrom "How I validated a Niche Idea for $32.19 with Facebook Ads" I decided to give Facebook Ads a try. After setting up the ad for my Vegetable Tree app on Facebook with their less than impressive system I waited to see the results. I did got a small hike and increase in sales and downloads but it was not too much to get excited.

During that time I called Facebook for help and they called me back in couple of days. The lady on the phone immediately told me that the Facebook ads are not good for me. She kept insisting that I should turn off Facebook ads and simply not use it. As you can expect it was very discouraging for me. I asked her why is she recommending that I should not use Facebook ads and she said because my daily budget is too low. I was spending $5 daily to test out the ads. She recommended to increase the budget to $50. Of course I said no since I was just testing out the ads and didn't wanted to spend a large amount. Anyway, after that the conversation did not go anywhere since she only wanted to help me if I increase by budget. 

After the expiration of my ads I decided to renew it again and try it out for one more week. Unfortunately, it was too much to ask for the broken Facebook ads system. There was absolutely no obvious way to duplicate the ad and change the dates. I scheduled a call with Facebook and they called me back in 2-3 business days. I explained them the problem that I just want to change the date of the new ad. It took them at least 10 minutes to find out how to change the dates and it was so complicated that I still don't know how. 

After being disappointed with Facebook customer service and their ad network creation tool I moved to Twitter Ads. Twitter ads was easy to setup, although they also did not have any functionality to duplicate and change the ad. I got around to that by constantly running the ads with limited budget. Once, the budget expires the ads were automatically shut off. 

Twitter ads are injected directly into the user's timeline which makes them more appealing!

The Twitter ad creation tool is simple enough to fit my brain and I came up with the following promoted tweets. I believe at present you can enable two promoted tweets within a list of your composed tweets.  

For my overall downloads and revenue I was using iTunes Connect and App Annie. After running Twitter ads for one week I immediately started seeing the impressive results. The downloads for my app increased by 5 folds. I also made it to #15 in the world in the Lifestyle category. I can also see the drop in sales when Twitter ads were  exhausted, which means I ran out of allocated funds. The graph below shows the ups and downs. 

The dips are mainly because the Twitter ads were off during that time due to insufficient funds. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the result and will be using Twitter ads for my future products.