360iDevMin Recap

360iDevMIN is an iOS developers conference held in heart of the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina. The "MIN" stands for mini, as compared to the 360iDev conference in Denver, CO. The great thing about a smaller conference is that it is very easy to interact with each other and if you have further questions you can always catch the presenter later.

People from all over the United States came for this conference. We even had Juliana came all the way from Brazil to educate us about accessibility in iOS. Juliana's talk was an eye opener as none of the attendees were implementing accessibility in their applications. Jay Thrash session on how to implement and change your user interface based on the device and orientation was also a great session. Jay showed how easy it is to use traits and size classes to create a new interface for iPhone 6 Plus Landscape mode. Melissa talked about new features in Swift 2.0, which is definitely going to help me write my next Swift 2.0 article for Code Magazine. 

I was also fortunate enough to give a talk about iBeacons at the 360iDevMIN conference this year, which was well received. Hopefully, we will see iBeacons more streamline in the industry. The 360iDevMIN was even mentioned in the local Greenville paper. 

Apart from the awesome sessions, the beautiful city of Greenville had lot to offer. The Falls Park on the Reedy is an absolute must attraction if you are in Greenville. The stream of water at the Falls Park follows the infinite trails around the park and makes the experience surreal and magical. 

Overall, everyone who attended 360iDevMIN had an amazing experience and I can't wait to come back next year and learn new stuff from really smart people!