Celebrate your App Launch!

I started developing for iOS in July 2010. My first app ABC Pop was created in 7 days without any prior knowledge of iOS development. On the 8th day I submitted the app to the App Store and started thinking about my next app. I never took the time to take a step back and reflect all the hard work I have done in creating, launching and marketing the app. It felt that I had no connection with the app and it was a just a mirage, which faded away with time. 

I continued the tradition of not celebrating the launch of my apps even when I invested a lot of time and hand work for their development. Vegetable Tree - Gardening Guide , which is considered the number one gardening app on the App Store was also the victim of silent celebration. Even when the Vegetable Tree was featured by Apple I never bothered to take a break and enjoy the moment.

At present I am working on an Apple TV app which I plan to release on the launch day of Apple TV, sometime late in October 2015. This time I intend to break my bad habit of not celebrating the launch. Also a celebration does not mean a 7 day cruise to Bahamas, but it can as simple as a chocolate cake or a family dinner at a nice restaurant. 

So, the next time you launch an app make sure you take a minute to enjoy the moment and reflect back on all the hard work you have done in creating a master piece!