Smart Watch in Real Life

Couple of years back I visited New York with my brother. Our plan was to see as much New York as possible in one day. We walked for almost 5-6 hours straight and visited tons of awesome places. It was a lot of fun, except that I missed almost 10-15 calls including notifications. Even though my phone was on full volume and vibration I was not able to detect anything in the crowded city. This was a concern to me since anyone of those calls could have been an emergency call. All of those missed notifications could easily had been avoided if only I was wearing my Smart Watch. The vibration on your wrist is more identifiable than a ping in the pants. 

I planned the whole New York trip which included all the places I wanted to visit and the routes that I will take. The only problem was that when going to a new attraction I had to consult/listen to my phone for directions. One way to avoid this was to wear headphones and listening to directions but that felt like a dorky idea. The Taptic engine in the Apple Watch is capable of providing Haptic feedback which can be extremely useful in the above scenario. Think about it! You are making all the correct turns without even consulting your phone. People will think you are a freaking genius!

Of course if you don't make any wrong turns you will never end up in a new location

Now, lets talk about Grocery shopping! Unlike many people I like to write down the items I need from the grocery store. I mean I write down on paper, you know paper that is made from trees. At this point you might be wondering why the hell would I not use my phone instead. There are few reasons. First, I hate when I have the grocery list on the phone opened and the phone keep locking itself. Of course I can go to settings extend the time of the lock screen but then after I have done grocery shopping I will have to remember to turn it back to the default settings. Another issue is that sometimes I have to lift items that require both hands. This means I have to first put the phone in my pocket, pick the item and put it in the shopping cart and then again take out the phone out of my pocket to shop for the next item in the list. The Smart Watch will eliminate this constant juggling and our hands will be completely free to pick up those heavy boxes of baby diapers. 

The only point of doing groceries is to prepare for the party. I don't usually go to that many parties mainly because I am not invited but if you are the host of the party a Smart Watch would be a God send. Consider hooking your phone on the dock which is connected to your surround sound system. Now, with smart watch you can launch your music app on your phone and play Norah Jones in your party.

Throwing a party requires fitness. That is why every morning I wake up and perform a 7 Minute Workout. There are tons of iPhone apps that can be used to perform the 7 Minute Workout but using an iPhone for workout is such a painful and broken experience. You constantly have to consult your phone when to change the workout and your focus is lost. I use my Pebble Watch for my morning workout which provides a seamless experience. The watch vibration to change the workout keeps me focuses with my workout progress.

These are of course just few real life uses of smart watch technology. I am really excited about the smart watch future and with Apple Watch just around the corner things will just get more interesting.