You are NOT Pardoned from Learning Objective-C!

Apple introduced a brand new language, Swift at the WWDC 2014 conference. Swift is a modern programming language which get its inspiration from Go, Ruby, Java and C# language. There is a lot of talk about completely ignoring Objective-C language and starting with Swift language. Although I can understand the excitement I disagree with the idea of completely dismissing Objective-C language at this time. 

Objective-C Open Source Base: 

Objective-C language has been utilized in lot of open source projects which are utilized in many iOS applications. Since, Swift is compatible with Objective-C you can always mix and match Objective-C code with Swift code. But if you want to extend and customize the open source implementation you must have Objective-C knowledge. 

Glaciers Move Slow: 

I live in Houston, TX where we still use horses and cows for our primary means of transportation. The last iOS project I updated was running iOS 4.0, and it was last year. This is just to show that large enterprise companies move extremely slow. Unless you are working on a green field application you are looking at at least 2-3 years before Swift makes a dent in the Houston market. 

Language is Easy, API is Hard: 

If you are familiar with one language you can quickly jump on to another language. Although Objective-C language has a learning curve but the real issue is learning the massive API accompanying the iOS framework. If you are an Objective-C developer then at most you will need a weekend to get familiar with the Swift programming language. 

In the end if you are in a high tech area like San Francisco, New York, Seattle etc then you will certainly benefit from utilizing Swift language in your latest project. If you are located at tech arctic circle then you will be maintaining a lot of Objective-C code before you will finally make a jump into the Swift language.