Hex App

When I am designing my iOS applications I always get my inspirations from other beautiful applications. Apart from the slick animations and transition effects I am intrigued by the color combinations and shades used by these beautiful apps.

My process of extracting the hexadecimal color codes from these apps is as follows: 

  1.  Take a screenshot of the app screen using iPhone 
  2.  Email the screenshot to myself 
  3.  Open the screenshot in any photo editing app (Pixalmator
  4.  Use the dropper tool to find the hexadecimal color of the portions of the screenshot 

As, you can see this becomes a long, tiring process. It would be great if I can do everything using my iPhone? This necessity led the way towards the creation of "Hex App".

Hex App is an iPhone app which loads the app screenshots and allows the user to find the hexadecimal color code by just tapping on the color on the screen. This instantly eliminates all the unnecessary steps and increases productivity.