Turning Childhood Memories into Games

People have always asked me how I came up with an idea of an app! Almost always the answer is "My Childhood Memories". I played a lot of different kind of games when I was growing up in Pakistan and those games which were played physically are a true inspiration for making the next iOS games. If you are from South Asia you might be familiar with few of these street games: 

  1. Pitho Garam
  2. Kho Kho 
  3. Barf Pani 
  4. King King

The game I am working on right now is inspired from Pitho Garam. Pitho Garam is played by a team of two. Each team can have 5-6 members. The purpose of the game is to hit the tennis ball and collapse the rock tower and then make the tower again before any member of your team is hit with the tennis ball by other team member. The image below shows the game in action. 


Although the game I am building has slightly different concepts but it has been inspired from Pitho Garam game. I find it quite interesting that how easily these memories of our childhood can be carved into the modern iOS games. So, the next time you are looking for an idea try to take a journey back into your childhood and the games you played in the street.

I hope no one has patented the gameplay of Pitho Garam :)