I am making a Documentary!

I always dreamed of ordering pizza from Pizza Hut while in Italy or eat delicious Taco Bell while in Mexico! Well my dream has come true because I will be visiting Cozumel, Mexico in the near future to make a documentary about effects of salt in sea water. 

My experience will be limited due to the confined walls of the hotel room where I will spend most of my time playing Atari games. The good news is that our team already have sponsors for this documentary and have raised over 10,000 YEN. That is freaking LOT OF MONEY!!!

Due to our big budget I have already preordered a nice looking and affordable paper shredder which I will be taking to Cozumel, Mexico. Following a wise advice that only bring absolute necessary things! 

The documentary will be over 15 hours long (take that Lords of the Rings) and will be available only on VHS tape. If you don't want to watch the complete 15 hours director's cut (for some lame reason) then you can watch the 4 hour trailer. 

PS: I just overheard some Hollywood directors talking about creating a documentary on worst documentaries and I think they mentioned our name! That is so freaking awesome! 

This is all for now! Stay tuned!