Don't Don’t Start a Company, Kid

This post is in reply to Aaron Hillegass post on "Don't Start a Company Kid".

Time is changing! I do not envision my one year old son sitting in front of the computer and writing code 8 hours a day. I do not see him driving to work because he can connect from anywhere, anytime.

We are already experiencing this revolution in the form of apps on the app store. Most of the popular apps are created by startups. Of course not everything is fine and dandy in the startup world since most of the startup will fail before they make a single dime.

The Hacker News post Aaron mentioned is a very different scenario. The post is about a mature adult with wife and kids. He took a chance and failed! This is quite different for young people because even if they fail, they have ample amount of time to get back on track.

My advice to young kids is go start a company OR join a startup. It can be in the form of app (Instagram for dogs). The things you will learn in startup in 2 months will be more valuable than your 4 year degree. If you fail then look for other alternatives.  

Aaron wrote "The point is, old companies are desperate for innovation and they have the resources to take your ideas to fruition."

My experience has been the complete opposite. Old, well established companies moves like snails and kill innovation. Most of the companies are already running systems in COBOL. I have worked for at least 5-6 fortune 100 companies and it takes them eternity to jump on the bandwagon.

"You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take"