Oops Apple Forgot to Enable Delete All Photos in iOS 7

I am about to leave on a short trip and I wanted to just carry my iPhone to take pictures. Being a parent of two kids my iPhone contained thousands of images of my children. I quickly backed up all the images using Google Picasso so I can free up my space. 

In iOS 6 if you go to Settings => Usage => Photos and Camera you can slide the Camera Roll row and delete all the images in the photo roll. Unfortunately, in iOS 7 this feature does not work at all. When you slide on the Camera Roll row nothing happens.  

The other option was to go into the Photos app and then delete the albums. Below you can see the screenshot.  

photo 1.PNG

You can clearly see that there is an empty space on the left hand side where you typically see checkboxes which can be selected to delete the items. Unfortunately, we see nothing but empty space.  

And to rub a little salt on my cut you can go to Settings and remove the podcasts right from the Usages options.