Apple Activation Hell Solution!

Few minutes ago my new iPhone 5 was bricked!! Yup! a white screen saying Activation Required was displayed asking to activate the phone. I entered my Apple ID and password and tried multiple times to activate the phone but the activation server was down.  

All of this was very weird because I was using the latest version of iOS 7 for few weeks now. The error also indicated that I can activate through iTunes. Luckily for me iTunes update was also down.   

When iTunes is launched due to plugging the device it says there is an update but when force it to download an update then it says the iOS version is up to date

Currently, I am downloading the image from developer portal and hoping that restoring the phone to the image will work. I will keep everyone updated!!  


I just downloaded the latest version of iTunes 11.1.1. It immediately launched itself after installation. It said "Updates available". But when trying to download the updates by clicking the check for updates button it says software on iPhone is up to date.  


I logged into the developer portal and downloaded the latest iOS 7 IPSW file. I launched the iTunes and then used that to restore on my device (HOLD Option Key and press Check of Updates in iTunes and select the IPSW file). 

It works and now everything seems good and normal.  

People who are non-developers and who paid $$ to developers to install the BETA version of iOS 7 on their device might have to wait a little to update to the released version of iOS 7 since the activation server is down!