Speaking at Houston iPhone Meetup Nov 9 2013

I am humbled to be speaking at the Houston iPhone Meetup on November 9 2013. I will be talking about my 3 year experience on the app store. The description of the session is as follows:   

In this session Mohammad Azam will take you to a personal journey through the app store. Azam will talk about how to challenge yourself to finish a product. The session explains how to get ideas and spark creativity for your new app. Azam will also explain the decision that went into his apps and what worked well and what failed miserably.

The session will also cover the idea of treating app features like mutual funds and saying NO more than saying YES. Azam will unravel the mysteries of app pricing and explain how to price your app correctly. Azam will also explain that how customer service will place you apart from your competitors and get you higher ratings on the app store.

In the end the 3 year app store journey in compressed into an hour of knowledge and experiences.