WTF! Another Task Management App!

There are hundreds of task management apps on the app store. Clear, Wunderlist, Remember the Milk and Things are among the top ones. Even Apple has ventured into this category by creating Reminders app. 

I have used most of the apps and was amazed at the functionality they provided but at the same time I was also overwhelmed. Quickly all of these apps became a black hole where people merely throw things they want to do but never get anything done. I am even embarrassed to examine my list since it contains item from last year.   

This never ending list gives us sense of failure and creates anxiousness. I wanted to create an app that restricts us from piling up the work that will never get done.          

Daily5 is a simple task management app that makes sure you don't pile up the work that will never get done. The design of the app is also one of a kind and very different from all the other task management apps that you have seen in the past. The simplicity, unique design and practicality will allow Daily5 stand out in a massive world of task management apps on the app store. 


Coming soon...