7 Minute Body 

7 Minute Body provides the user with an easy to use interface, smooth navigation and intense workouts. 7 Minute Body also allows the users to listen to the current workout and notify them when to change sides.



High waters 

High Waters is a crowdsourcing app which alarms the users of the flooded areas. Simply, shake your phone and drop a pin on the map indicating flooded area. Other users can view the danger areas in their maps. All the information is stored in the cloud using Apple CloutKit framework.




Hex App 

Hex App allows you to quickly extract the hexadecimal color code from a screenshot. Simply, load the screenshot using the Hex App and then touch the color to retrieve the hexadecimal color code. 



Unapologetically Simple Task Management List! Daily5 removes the clutter and the complexity from the task management applications and focuses on the tasks for particular day. You are only allowed to add five tasks for a particular day. Why only 5? Because life is short, enjoy it!

Vegetable Tree

Keep track of your vegetable gardening using Vegetable Tree. Vegetable Tree consists information about many different kinds of vegetables. You can track the progress of your garden using text/picture notes and share your progress on Twitter and Facebook.



My Chandas

My Chandas is a simple app to keep track of your donations. The app allows to create a budget for each of your donation and then tracks how much you have paid and how much is remaining. You can even attach a photo receipt with each of your transaction. 




ABC Pop is a fun educational iPhone app for toddlers which helps to learn alphabets. The user is instructed to pop the bubbles, indicated by a charming female voice. The correct answer results in prize.



Math Speeder

Math Speeder puts the user in the driving seat to learn about basic math operations. You use the iPhone accelerometer to drive your car over the correct answers. Each correct answer increases the car speed and the level of difficulty.



This unique, fun and educational game teaches the basic math operation with the help of chickens. The user pokes the chicken to match the eggs laid out by the first two chickens. This game was rated one of the best math games on MathFour website.



Kinder Pop

Kinder pop introduces the child to alphabets and numbers. The fun background music and cool stuff animal prizes makes this a must have educational app.